I must admit (although admitting is not necessary, the evidence is below), it has been too long since I last posted.

Taking a pause and coming back to this just made me realise how much of a struggle it is to 1. Get healthy, and 2. Stay healthy.

My blog so far has been about losing weight – and yes if you do not like to exercise and have the ability to control your food, my diet is perfect for you. But the more I speak to the people around me, I realise that even small changes such as not using sugar in tea and coffee can make a real difference to your health.

So, with a new post comes a new angle – how to move off the diet and continue living a healthy lifestyle. You cannot be counting calories forever, eventually you will reach your goal weight but the hard part will be to not yo-yo back to old habits.

I will revamp my blog a little:

  • Summaries how I managed to get into shape with tips for anyone who wants to give it a go
  • Start focusing on ‘what is a healthy lifestyle’, do we actually know how big our portion sizes should be?
  • Life beyond the diet – You no longer need to be eating rice-cakes and celery, so what do you eat?

What was your biggest struggle after losing weight? Share with me and lets start putting together some useful tips.

Love S


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