Before & After


Chubby Cheeks, Soft Cheeks – Call it whatever you want, but they’re still not cute.

A few months into moving away to University, every time I went home I was being told I was looking like a little bun. So what do I do? My “I’m too lazy to exercise, and frankly, going to the gym just makes me hungrier” attitude was not helping, and instead led me to the hell gates of size 12. Having tried everything from the ‘only protein diet’ to ‘no carbs’, with absolutely no result, I came up with something which worked for me.

Within just one summer, I was back to my usual size 10, and now just over 8 months on, in total I have lost 17kg (2.6 stone). How you say. It’s simple, food, absolutely no exercise. Not one bit!

My Counting Page explains all the details.^^


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