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Turning over a new leaf is tough

Yes that is the truth, and you know it. Sticking to your word, especially in a diet sense, is like torture. You may say you will never eat a Cadbury’s Crème Egg ever again, till you see someone demolishing one on the train, and simply can’t resist the next time you hit the supermarket.

The beginning of this year was a real struggle. Post-Xmas leftovers, cakes sales & office treats make it excruciatingly difficult to stick to your promise of ‘no more luxuries this week’. Do you get the feeling that when you say no to chocolate when offered, you are judged? “What is wrong with you! Who says no to free chocolate”. You know the look I am talking about. If you are strong enough to say “no”, well done. I, on the other hand can’t say no to myself. If I want chocolate, I WANT chocolate. If I am alone, it just gets worse. I am much more likely to scavenge for something sweet to sooth my grizzly bear craving.
Like always, planning helps. In recent weeks I have planned my evening snack for when I get these sweet tooth needs. I chose ‘healthier’ options which are below 150 calories, such as a chocolate flavoured mousse or cheese dunkers. They do the trick.
What is your remedy to chocolate huger? I hope you find my suggestions useful and please share your own experiences, I love to hear about how everyone else is doing.

Love, S



I must admit (although admitting is not necessary, the evidence is below), it has been too long since I last posted.

Taking a pause and coming back to this just made me realise how much of a struggle it is to 1. Get healthy, and 2. Stay healthy.

My blog so far has been about losing weight – and yes if you do not like to exercise and have the ability to control your food, my diet is perfect for you. But the more I speak to the people around me, I realise that even small changes such as not using sugar in tea and coffee can make a real difference to your health.

So, with a new post comes a new angle – how to move off the diet and continue living a healthy lifestyle. You cannot be counting calories forever, eventually you will reach your goal weight but the hard part will be to not yo-yo back to old habits.

I will revamp my blog a little:

  • Summaries how I managed to get into shape with tips for anyone who wants to give it a go
  • Start focusing on ‘what is a healthy lifestyle’, do we actually know how big our portion sizes should be?
  • Life beyond the diet – You no longer need to be eating rice-cakes and celery, so what do you eat?

What was your biggest struggle after losing weight? Share with me and lets start putting together some useful tips.

Love S

Pause Points


A recent episode of a program I spoke about already, ‘Secret Eaters’ tested the influence of pause points on how much we eat.

It seems like stating the obvious but just give it a thought. Research shows that we are likely to eat much more food if we do not use pause points in our eating process. For example, when we have a large sharing bag of crisps, we will continue eating even when we no longer feel the need to eat more, just because the pack is open and there is much more available to us. However, if we have the same quantity of crisps but in smaller individual packs, we would eat much less, simply because we would need to reach for, and open a whole new pack.

Also, the empty packs would act as a reminder to how much we have actually eaten, once again resulting in a decreased amount of crisps consumed.

What does this mean to our diet? First of all, share the sharing bags, that is what they are meant for :P But try to adapt this research on a larger scale. A year ago I lived in a studio flat, where access to the kitchen and therefore access to food was easy, the fridge was literally always staring at me. Moving into standard university halls changed that as now the kitchen is a walk away, meaning I am much less likely to grab a snack, and so the distance between myself, and the food in itself is a pause point.

Pause points give you an opportunity to consider whether you actually need more food. Use them!

Love, hellotummys xx