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Back on Track Aubergine


Getting back to your usual healthy habits is tough, we all know that …

After 4 weeks of snacking, drinking fizzy, and stuffing my face with delicious Spanish food while away on holiday, coming back to my diet was hard.

The actual healthy eating is not what I am talking about. I mean the decision which you make when you decide to go back to being healthy, and sticking to it is the problem.┬áThis is because when you are out of your usual routine, it is almost too easy to snack on something which will automatically make you feel like the day’s good work is ruined anyway, so you might as well carry on munching. I managed by cooking up something special to remind myself just how tasty healthy food is, and how good it makes me feel.

I came up with these ‘pizza-like’ aubergine slices :)

  • 1 Small Aubergine, or Half of a Regular One
  • 100g of Cooked Rice
  • 100g of Pasta Sauce
  • 6 Black Olives
  • 1 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 30g of Cheddar Cheese


Begin with cutting the aubergine into 3 thick slices, it can be difficult to find a small aubergine so in that case use half, aim for about 1cm thickness. Fry the aubergine on a frying pan on heated oil, and once slightly browned transfer onto a baking tray, unless you have an oven suited frying pan. Spoon an equal amount of cooked rice on top of each of the aubergine slices. Evenly spread the pasta sauce on top of the rice and place the olives on top, finishing with a sprinkle of cheddar.

Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes on 220 degrees, once the cheese is melted it is ready!

Calories – the prepared potion all together adds up to 600kcal which is good for something which tasted very much like pizza. I served mine up with some simple salad leaves, cucumber, tomato and onion.


Love, S


The Programme Which Made Me Lose Weight


Everyone who has managed to lose weight, at some point had a Eureka moment…

I will never forget it – summer holidays, stuck in doors, feeling pretty miserable about not fitting into my favourite Hollister dress, watching crappy on-demand day time television. It turned out to be the best thing I could have done with my time that day.

Almost a year on I am 18kg lighter, I have a completely different attitude to everyday meals and absolutely loving it. I never remembered the name of the programme I watched, but it really hit me. It showed how people do not actually take into consideration the amount of food, and calories which they are eating. It taught me that even healthy foods have calories, and if eaten in excess can lead to weight gain.

It was an absolute shocker – but it was a shock which was necessary. I realised that the healthy foods which I thought gave me a balanced diet, mounted up to a man’s daily calories.

So I got off my butt, and obsessively started googling calories in all of the foods I ate regularly. I have made so many changes since, and I can honestly say that it is not a diet anymore, it is just how I eat on a regular basis.

Now that I randomly came across it on TV – I finally know the name of the programme, ‘Secret Eaters’. Honestly, if you need inspiration to lose weight, this is your starting point.

Watch the new series now on 4oD :)

Love, hellotummys xx