Thinking logically, our bodies need a certain amount of calories in order to lose, maintain or gain weight; therefore if we are aware of those values we can choose our food accordingly.

The best way to find our individual calorie needs is to these websites:

Personally the first one if my favourite, it gives a clear breakdown of how many calories you need to eat in different circumstances.

So here is what you need to do:

  • Enter your details, make sure they are accurate!
  • The result of the calorie calculator should be in 3 different values: Maintenance, Fat Loss, and Extreme Fat Loss
  • The Extreme fat loss value is your GOAL – The Fat Loss Value is your BOUNDRY! Do not cross it!
  • This information allows you to be able to look at the calories which you are eating, and if you count properly (don’t cheat, because you are only cheating yourself!), weight loss is inevitable.

My Example:

When I started I weighed an unhealthy 74kg (11.6 stone) for my 1.58m height, and these were my calorie daily allowances:

Fat Loss = 1419 Calories a day                                               Extreme Fast Loss = 1103 Calories a day

I aimed for about 1,200 calories each day, and within just one week I saw results, about 2kg (4.5 pounds) off in the first week.

Keeping it off is easy:

  • Keep updating your details in the calorie calculator every time you lose weight, and use the updated figures.
  • If you are selecting the option ‘little or no exercise’ it is important you DON’T do any! If you are exercising you need to eat more, otherwise you can experience serious health problems.
  • Weigh yourself regularly, once or twice a week is best. Seeing results is the best form of motivation.

Last Piece of Advice – TREAT YOURSELF

Even though at first it is a little challenging to get used to counting every piece of food, it actually allows you to learn a lot about which foods are healthy and which are not.

Treating yourself for one day a week is important, eat your favourite foods, drink your toffee-nut latte and just enjoy the pleasure of not counting.

Most Importantly, enjoy learning about your body and how it functions, it really is fascinating.

Love your flatter tummy :)

Love, hellotummy xx


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