There are a few key changes which make a massive difference, and they’re very small and easy to get used to.

Do not panic! No exercise or salads ahead :)

  1. Scales


Invest in a decent set of food scales, I would personally recommend a digital one as it is a lot more accurate.

It’s not a huge investment, with average prices £5-£10, anything beyond that is unnecessary.

It will allow you to accurately measure your food and be aware of how many calories are in there. I understand that at first this can be a little annoying, especially when your belly is rumbling away. Give it a few weeks and you will realise that you will be much more aware of calorie values in most of your regular foods, cutting down the need for measuring.

I understand that some people may stick to estimating, but please believe me that the scales are extremely important when starting out.

Green Tea


This is another must!

Try to fit in a cup of green tea every day, I find it goes nicely with my breakfasts and also is a nice start to the day. Not only does it improve your metabolism and helps your digestion, but also:

  • Full of catechin polyphenols antioxidants which stimulate weight loss
  • Research suggests it even stops certain types of cancers from developing

Most importantly however, it helps me stop feeling hunger and that is why I usually have it with some toast for breakfast. Try not to use any sugar, as it will actually help you reduce your overall sugar intake.



Linked to my previous essential, green tea, this one is definitely recommended.

I was a person who did not accept any possibility of not using sugar in tea and coffee, until I started drinking green tea without sugar. At first the taste is a little bitter, but it is a taste which is very easy to get used to. So stick at it!

Once you are used to that, try and reduce if not fully eliminate sugar in your regular tea and fruit teas. Teas in general are great, especially in the colder months. They help you stay warm, stay full and have 0 calories! How great is that :)

Once you eliminate your sugar cubes (sugar usually has around 60kcal per teaspoon of sugar, which is a huuuuge amount), you can use those calories for something lovely, my personal favourite – peach yoghurt.



It is hard to find a person who does not like bread, and so it is another factor which we need to look at.

When starting this diet back in the summer of 2012, I realised that the famous ‘diet’ breads actually contain more calories than regular bread, especially if they contain grains or seeds. I try to minimise my calories to 50-60kcal per slice of bread as it allows me to put tasty toppings on such as jam. YUM.

I recommend Weightwatchers White Danish bread, or any supermarket branded white Danish bread, just make sure to check the calories.



I was the person who hated the taste of water, and now I am the person whose favourite drink is water. So I went from being weird, to still, pretty weird. But at least more healthy :D

Water is a great way of making yourself feel full. Most of our little hunger pangs during the day are usually a sign of us being thirsty. So before you go for a snack, try a glass of water first. If it does not abolish you hunger, it will definitely delay it.

Apart from that:

  • It is great for your skin! I hardly ever get any spots (although now that I have said that, I will probably get 10 of them tomorrow morning).
  • It helps regulate your body’s temperature
  • Detox properties, helps your body shift all the bad stuff

I try to drink water as much as possible. It allowed me to get used to not drinking as much juice and especially fizzy drinks which are full of unwanted calories. I now drink water when I am thirsty, as oppose to cola, which only makes you thirstier.

The key rule here is – Don’t Drink Your Calories! 

A can of coke has around 150 kcal, which is almost the size of my breakfast :O

Keeping all this in mind, most importantly, love your food. Eat things which will make you full, happy and leave you feeling light and healthy. If you can eat your favourites and still stay within your calorie boundaries, then go for it :)


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