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Turning over a new leaf is tough

Yes that is the truth, and you know it. Sticking to your word, especially in a diet sense, is like torture. You may say you will never eat a Cadbury’s Crème Egg ever again, till you see someone demolishing one on the train, and simply can’t resist the next time you hit the supermarket.

The beginning of this year was a real struggle. Post-Xmas leftovers, cakes sales & office treats make it excruciatingly difficult to stick to your promise of ‘no more luxuries this week’. Do you get the feeling that when you say no to chocolate when offered, you are judged? “What is wrong with you! Who says no to free chocolate”. You know the look I am talking about. If you are strong enough to say “no”, well done. I, on the other hand can’t say no to myself. If I want chocolate, I WANT chocolate. If I am alone, it just gets worse. I am much more likely to scavenge for something sweet to sooth my grizzly bear craving.
Like always, planning helps. In recent weeks I have planned my evening snack for when I get these sweet tooth needs. I chose ‘healthier’ options which are below 150 calories, such as a chocolate flavoured mousse or cheese dunkers. They do the trick.
What is your remedy to chocolate huger? I hope you find my suggestions useful and please share your own experiences, I love to hear about how everyone else is doing.

Love, S


Study Break Soup


There is nothing better for a revision break than soup…

When I have a full day of studying, it’s nice to have homemade lunch as well as a quick lunch. Going out to eat just makes me feel lazy, unhealthy and it is usually over-priced also. So the solution we need here is a quick, healthy and filling soup :D

My scrumptious vegetarian beetroot soup is ideal, here is the recipe:

  • 2 carrots
  • 1/4 of a red onion
  • 1 parsnip
  • 2 average sized potatoes
  • 1, 4-pack of vacuum sealed cooked beetroot
  • 2 vegetable stock cubes
  • 300ml of single cream
  • Salt, pepper and chilli powder to taste

Start by boiling some diced potatoes (make the size of the chunks to your liking), after 5 minutes of them boiling add some sliced carrots and finely chopped red onion. Allow that to boil on a small heat and in the mean-time coarsely grate the beetroot. Add the sliced parsnip and grated beetroot into the pan with boiling vegetables. Add the stock cubes (I used chicken stock cubes, but if you want to make it strictly veggie, then stick to vegetable stock) straight in, along with any seasoning. I like to make mine fairly spicy, especially if it is a cold day. Once the potatoes go soft gradually add single cream, be careful because it will split if you do not stir and pour slowly. As soon as the soup starts boiling again it is ready to eat! :D Serve with some toast for dipping, it’s delish!

How simple is that?! Making it from scratch takes no longer than 30 minutes, and it will make 3-4 servings, depending on what your understanding of a serving is :P I like that because the day after all I have to do is just heat it up, it’s great when I have a full day of lectures.

Calories-wise, it’s great also as it only comes to around 310 kcal per serving.

So there you go, a nice, healthy, easy and very student-y lunch :D

Love, hellotummys xx

Pre-Holiday Milk

t-shirt back

To normal people, milk is the last thing on their minds when packing for a weekend away.

But as we have already established from my previous posts, I hold many weird relationships with food, and one of them is heartbreak when I have to throw something away.

Let’s begin with the fact that when I started my diet, I pretty much gave up milk and that is probably because I only use it for cereal, and when I realised how many calories cereal has, I was put off. But! A few weeks ago I experienced a craving for muesli, like I said, weird relationships with food, just keep that in mind. Wanting to finish the box of muesli off, I obviously had to buy milk, but trust me, milk comes with consequences :(

It is so super hard for me to finish a 2 pint bottle of milk in a week’s time!!! Now I feel like the left over quarter keeps staring at me with puppy eyes, and sending me messages like ‘Why are you leaving me behind?  So to anyone who would like to adopt my leftover milk before I go away tomorrow, please get in touch :P

Nevertheless, if you are capable of finishing a bottle unlike me, milk is actually great. I realised that when I do have it, it helps me stay full for longer.My advice is be careful about what cereal and muesli you pick, some of them seem healthy, but things such as nuts and raisins can really push the calories up.

Aim for about 400kcal per serving, including the milk. My semi-skimmed milk is 98 kcal per 100 ml.

I promise I will do a more detailed post on cereal/muesli, I think certain brands need to be stripped of their ‘healthy’ titles.

Enjoy your milky weekend, and spare a thought for my lonely left over milk :)

Love, hellotummys xx

Ps. For those who are interested in the benefits of drinking milk, apart from the obvious calcium of course, there is actually a genuine website for it. Visit realrawmilkfacts.com.

BRIT Breakfast


Keeping in with the spirit of last night’s BRIT Awards…

The morning after the BRIT Awards is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a full English. As you may have noticed, I use pretty much any opportunity to eat something other than my everyday foods, and even the BRIT’s will do :D

So my cheat Vegetarian breakfast comes to only 407 kcal, which is more than my usual breakfast, but it is perfect for a brunch treat. The trick here is to use these babies:


To me they taste even better than regular sausages, and I love the fact that I am sure there’s no hidden nasty’s (horse meat and others).

So here is how to work those calories:

1 large fried egg – 92 kcal

100g of Heinz baked beans – 79 kcal

2 average fried mushrooms – 88 kcal

1 piece of toast with butter – 78 kcal

1 Quorn sausage – 65 kcal

I will give you the lovely fried cherry tomatoes calorie-free. Just enjoy them ;)

Give it a try :D

Love, hellotummys xx